zaterdag 7 november 2009


Ik kreeg deze award van Martha, dank je wel! Op deze vragen mag je maar 1 antwoord geven.......

- Where is your cell phone? in my purse (oeps)
- Your hair? brown with a red shine
- Your mother? Bep
- Your father? Koos
- Your favorite food? Lasagne
- Your dream last night? No idea I was asleep
- Your favorite drink? Cappucino
- Your dream/goal? Have a happy life
- What room are you in? My cropping room
- Your hobby? Scrapping
- Your fear? To loose the one's I love
- Where do you want to be in 6 years? At the same place, I am happy with it
- Where were you last night? at home, with my family
- Something that you aren't? Not talking (got always something to say)
- Wish list item? New floor in the hall, but actually I have got everything I need
- Where did you grow up? Rijswijk (near The Hague) in the Netherlands
- Last thing you did? making a card for my daughter she has here swimmingtest voor B tomorrow
- What are you wearing? a shirt, my jeans and boots
- Your TV? one like to watch documentaries
- Your pets? Dogs Rex and Bo, cats Bobo, Hummel and Kriel
- Friends? Enough
- Your life? A good one
- Your mood? Right now? Good, had a nice day so far
- Missing someone? Yes my mother, she passed away 10 years ago
- Vehicle? A car Renault Kangoo
- Something you are not wearing: Leggings
- Your favourite store? Scrapbookstore Papers & Pictures in Doorn
- Your favourite colour? Brown
- When was the last time you laughed? 10 minutes ago (my girl makes me laugh a lot)
- Last time you cried? Last wednesday, the dentist did here job to well (or not)
- Your best friend? Cornelie
- One place that I go to over and over? Rome i am really in love with it
- Facebook? Hyves
- Favourite place to eat? At home, with family and friends
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6 opmerkingen:

marijke zei

hartstikke bedankt voor mij die award te geven maar jee zeg moet ik heel die lijst over typen?? is er een mogelijkheid om dat op andere manier te doen staan wel heel vreemde vragen in hihihihi

Martha zei

Leuke antwoorden Amanda! Fijn weekend :-)

Anoniem zei

Hi Amanda, dank je wel ;)

Ik ga hem op mijn blog zetten ...

Janneke X

Caroline zei

Dank je wel voor de award :-))) Ik ga mijn best doen met beantwoorden ....

Amanda zei

Veel plezier dames, enne Marijke ik heb hem gewoon gekopieerd en geplakt hoor en nieuwe antwoorden erachter gezet.

Liefs Amanda

Anoniem zei

dat " best friend" gaat twee kanten op meissie:) veel liefs, Cornelie